In 2020, there’s a barrage of real estate apps and tools available to real estate agents. It’s become overwhelming to keep up with which software tools we need as agents.

What makes it worse is a lot of these tools are overly complicated, hard to set up, kinda expensive, and they don’t usually work together the way we need them to. These shortcomings make it very unappealing to dive into real estate tech.

Let’s take a fairly common software stack we see many agents use. An agent might be using WordPress to host their agent website. On their WordPress website, they might have some lead capture forms that feed into their Mailchimp account. They’re sometimes using Mailchimp to send out their monthly email newsletters. But, Mailchimp isn’t a great CRM, so this agent is also using Follow Up Boss CRM to help manage their entire database of contacts. Depending on the situation, the agent sometimes uses Follow Up Boss to send out emails, and sometimes they use Mailchimp. Since these tools are all different, an agent’s technology stack is often hard to set up, a bit hacky, aren’t in sync with each other, and an overall costly headache to use.

Does this sound familiar? In this simple example, the agent had to cobble together at least 3 different tools, all of which could easily add up to $300 – $1000 a month.

Fortunately, software vendors have come out with all-in-one marketing platforms, built specifically for real estate, to help solve this “too many tools” problem.

Many tech-enabled agents today are turning to these all-inclusive marketing platforms to help manage their online marketing efforts. Agents are starting to see the light. The a-la-carte tools of the past are often too complex to manage, too costly, and don’t integrate well with each other. With these comprehensive marketing platforms, they’re all bundled in such a way, that it becomes MUCH easier to use and WAY more powerful.

We’ll share our list of top 6 real estate marketing platforms below, but first, it’s important to know a bit about the core features that are commonly found in all these real estate marketing platforms. Although they’re all a little bit different, there’s actually a lot of similarities in what all these platforms try to help agents accomplish.

Here are the 4 core features you should be looking for in an all-in-one real estate marketing platform:

  • Website Builder
    • At the heart of your online marketing efforts is your website…a destination to capture potential clients and leads. Any good all-in-one marketing platform would also power your website (aka, build and host it).
    • This helps eliminate other complicated website builders like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.
  • Lead Capture Forms
    • Your website can’t just look pretty. Functionally, they need to be able to capture visitor information somehow. Typically, you’ll need to implement web forms on your website to help capture lead details.
    • This helps eliminate hacking your website to embed forms 3rd party forms that collect lead details.
  • CRM
    • This is where you’d store all your contacts, including all your website leads.
    • This helps eliminate the complications, inefficiencies, and costs by integrating an external CRMs like Follow Up Boss, LionDesk, and Cinc.
  • Email Marketing
    • This helps you market to your database of contacts in your CRM in a convenient way.
    • This helps eliminate tracking contacts in a separate piece of software like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Infusionsoft.

This is what we consider to be the minimum core features you’ll want to look for in an all-in-one real estate marketing platform. In a nutshell, it’s highly efficient to use 1 turnkey all-inclusive system that helps you manage all the 4 core features above. Even if there are more powerful standalone products for each of those features, trust us, having them all integrated in 1 marketing platform will save you a bunch of work, headache, and cost.

Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Platforms

Without further ado, here are our top 6 options for all-in-one real estate marketing platforms. Rates below are based on agent plans, not the higher-priced team/brokerage plan options.

Products with an * do not publish their price openly. Please inquire directly for current pricing.

ToolSetup CostMonthly PricingEase of Use/Setup
Propopen$0$12 for Basic
$50 for Pro
10 / 10
Real Geeks$250 *$199 *7 / 10
BoomTown$750 *$1000 *7 / 10
KV Core$1000+ *$100 – $300 *6 / 10
Placester$0$100 for Starter
$190 for Advanced
8 / 10
Chime$0$4998 / 10

Propopen –

An all-in-one online marketing platform designed for residential real estate agents and brokers. It helps empower real estate agents to capture, nurture, and convert leads using a simple and intuitive suite of tools. Propopen comes bundled with a website creator, lead capture forms, CRM, and email marketing automation tools. This suite of tools was built from the ground up to work seamlessly together, to help agents work less.

Real Geeks –

Real Geeks offers all in one real estate sales marketing solution for the agent or broker that wants to grow their business & close more deals.

BoomTown –

BoomTown, the only solution that generates and manages leads. Expert lead generation, consumer websites, CRM, in-house lead qualification services, and more, in flexible packages that scale.

KV Core –

kvCORE is an all-inclusive real estate platform for the modern brokerage. By offering the industry’s most robust lead generation and beautiful, customizable IDX websites, kvCORE is the perfect solution to jump-start any real estate business. But we don’t stop there! Our SMART CRM uses behavioral automation to alert your agents of the most opportune time to reach out to a lead based on the lead’s interactions with your website, ads, and marketing campaigns (also included with kvCORE). Bundle in social media marketing tools, listings management, and backoffice functionality for a truly comprehensible tech ecosystem. kvCORE is API-ready, so you can connect your current systems and processes too!

Placester –

Placester is an all-in-one business platform for real estate professionals with beautiful lead capturing websites, lead management, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics, free education and 24/7 support.

Chime –

All the tools you need to succeed in real estate. With a powerful all-in-one platform, Chime helps you launch marketing campaigns, track your leads, build customer relationships, manage your website and communicate with your team seamlessly from your mobile or laptop. Chime frees you from too many fragmented apps, which waste your precious time and create headaches!

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