Whether or not people realize it, the best marketing tools for real estate agents are some of the most important things to use effectively. That is because doing real estate business would simply be impossible without any type of marketing.

Talking to your neighbors about your business is marketing, meeting new clients at the grocery store is marketing, and even having someone recommend you to a friend is marketing. But, what type of marketing tools are modern real estate agents using to make the best use of technology to be more effective agents?

The best real estate marketing tools are those that improve your processes, help you keep in touch with your clients, and generally streamline your business model. Real estate can be a complicated business, but the right tools help it make more sense, so let’s talk about four of the most important marketing tools that can help your real estate business.

What Are Marketing Tools?

When you hear the word tool, do you think of a hammer or a screwdriver? Those unfamiliar with the terminology “marketing tools” might wonder exactly what this phrase means.

Marketing tools are the techniques, materials, websites, and strategies used by a company to promote its product or services. Anything used to help market your brand, product, or service can be considered a marketing tool. Learning about the right marketing tools for your business is a great way to ensure that you can make the biggest profits possible.

What Tools Do Real Estate Agents Use?

Technology has had a huge impact on the real estate industry; hence, so many of the top real estate agent marketing tools are online or digitized services. Plus, more people are using the internet to search for products and services, even when looking for a new home. With the help of these services and software, it becomes possible to simplify and streamline real estate marketing.

All real estate agents use some type of real estate marketing tools. From sending our postcards to local addresses to getting themselves into the local real estate association, they make sure to showcase their availability in their market.

Now that you know a bit more about marketing tools and why they are so important, it’s time to focus on what tools agents use. Which tools would a top-tier real estate agent recommend as the most important part of their business? Most of the top tools can boil down into four categories, namely:

#1 Email Marketing Tools

All agents should incorporate some type of email marketing into their business. Communicating with clients and prospects is easier and cheaper than ever before, thanks to email.

By providing things like local news, updated listings, and general real estate information that would be interesting to clients, you can build up your relationship. When it comes time for any recipients to need an agent’s help, you will be the agent most likely to come to mind.

New agents often worry that investing their time into emails won’t pay off, but many apps and services offer email generation and easy-to-use templates.

#2 Lead Generation and Recording

Working agents know that they need to continually make new connections in their business area to be successful. This can be done by paying to be part of a lead generation service or to use a lead generation tool, but it can also be done manually.

Real estate agents find the most success when using both paid and unpaid real estate agent marketing tools. Paid tools can bring leads in passively, which can be very beneficial when you need a bump in business. Manually gathering leads by handing out your business card, meeting local business owners, and spreading your sphere of influence can work out as well.

As you cultivate more and more leads, you’ll connect with additional people who are actively seeking to buy and sell a home. That will, in turn, make your business better.

#3 CRM Technology

Real estate agents rely heavily on cultivating their relationships with former clients and prospective leads. By staying in contact with as many individuals as they can, they are constantly able to market their business.

How are agents meant to remember the necessary information for so many people? Using tools such as CRM technology, or customer relationship management technology, is among the ways agents can use tools to be better.

CRM tools are a great way to keep track of the most important information about people and when you last contacted them. Memory can be a fickle thing; CRM tools help you employ your memory with a boost from technology.

#4 Photo and Video Tools

Finally, agents can benefit from learning how to edit simple videos of their properties or listings, create graphic designs for their events, and other easy image tasks. It is possible to hire help to do these things for you, but many platforms like Canva make it easy for agents to make their own designs. Having cohesively branded images can help you attract a stronger audience.

When it comes to more complex work, such as creating 360-degree walkthroughs of your listed properties, the best thing to do is hire someone to assist. In that case, the best tool is the professional help you will get from your investment in your listings’ image marketing.

What Are the Best Apps for Real Estate Agents?

Some apps can help with each of these individual tools, but the best apps for real estate agents offer comprehensive packages. Services that support agents with an entire platform of marketing tools, from email management to CRM tracking, will help with every step of the marketing process.

Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents: Final Thoughts

When you are ready to utilize the best marketing tools for real estate agents, you should first think about your immediate properties as an agent. By employing marketing tools to help with those goals first, you will see an immediate change in your business. That change will compel future improvements, and from there, you’ll be rolling in wins!

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